On New Year’s Eve, R.B. celebrated seven years of sobriety and shared his story during a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.  Here is an excerpt from his talk.

Seven years ago, I was living in an abandominium (a fancy word for a vacant house). My biggest worry was that I would die, and no one would know where to find me.

I found a large key on the street – it said, “You are the key to your success”.  I took that as a sign, and I still have it. On December 28, 2015, I went into treatment – my third try. I have been sober ever since.

The best (my first) transitional house (Earl’s Place) showed me a lot of love, how to save money even on a small social services income (I am still saving money to this day), and it prepared me for society.

My Mom has Alzheimer’s. I got clean (sober) to help my mom and others. My biggest fear when I left Earl’s Place was that I would go out again (use drugs).  I didn’t give myself a chance to do so. 


Life is good.

My name is on the lease. I love my little place so much.

I purchased a car.

I am loving my life. 

I follow directions now.

When you are doing things for the right reasons people will help you. 

The only thing that can happen now, is that life can get better.