Volunteering for the Board

We are looking for a few passionate volunteer board members who appreciate the motivation that comes from teamwork. Our members feel confident about asking questions to learn how to implement organizational growth. They take initiative to facilitate stronger programming. The CCH Board meets one evening a month. In addition, Board members contribute their expertise at scheduled committee meetings and financially add to the support of our mission. If you are interested in exploring an opportunity that can change lives, call Sheila Helgerson at 410-522-0225 or fill out the application form to find out whether this volunteer opportunity is right for you.


  • Organizational oversight that includes strategic planning and implementation of plans, succession planning for the Board, and financial oversight.
  • Fundraising initiatives that include, but are not limited to, fundraising events, donor engagement, and personal giving.
  • Serving as ambassadors for CCH throughout the larger community.


  • Prepare for and attend monthly Board meetings.
  • Volunteer for, attend, and complete follow-up agreements from committee meetings.
  • Take initiative and fully participate in fundraising activities.
  • Make a financial commitment to supporting CCH.