John, a current resident, is featured in our Fall Housing Matters newsletter. He is beside himself and so excited to share his story. He has already shared copies with his therapist, his 12- Step program, his sponsor, and others.


This morning he said, “No more sleeping on the street. No more eating out of trash cans. Now I have lots of people in my life who care.”

Thank you for being one of those
people. You – along with other concerned individuals like you – believe that a bench is not a bed and that everyone deserves a place to live.

I would love to know what prompted you to get involved and become a donor – send an e-mail to sheila@sheilah10.sg-host.com or call me at 410-522- 0225 and share your story.

` Forme,Ivolunteeredtopaintabedroom.


Homelessness has been close to my heart for years and for a time my husband and I volunteered at an overnight shelter as chaperones. In 1997, at an Association meeting of the United Church of Christ a request was made to help paint bedrooms at a program that was soon to open – Earl’s Place.

Little did I know that this simple act would lead to one of the most fulfilling and challenging roles of my life.

One where I see first-hand the changes that you make possible for the men.

One where I have met and gotten to know you and so many other wonderful people.

Thank you for being a part of our family. With gratitude,

Sheila & John

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