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If you’re reading this, you’re likely already a supporter of Cornerstone Community Housing (CCH) in some way. Do you remember when or how you were introduced to this amazing organization? For me, it was the 2015 Resolution Run, followed by an open house at Earl’s Place. After talking with the men living at 1400 E Lombard St., I immediately knew I wanted to get involved. I wasn’t familiar with nonprofits or those experiencing homelessness, but Sheila helped me find ways to start contributing. In my day job, I have the privilege of serving as a hospital administrator at MedStar Health. My work in Operations exposes me to strategy, philanthropy, recruitment, and many other areas that I’ve also been able to apply at CCH. This has allowed me to lead professional development seminars for interviewing skills, resumé help, and tutoring residents who are studying for a GED or other degree. What sticks out to me is not the hours of time spent but the memories I keep and the gratitude from the men. One of them even invited me to his graduation ceremony; the thought of watching him walk across the stage for his diploma still gives me goosebumps to this day. For the past several years, I’ve been involved as a member of the Board of Directors, most recently as the Board Chair. This experience has been one of the most fulfilling and meaningful aspects of my life in Baltimore. After moving around the country, CCH provided me with an engaging and supportive community, all working toward a common goal. Each of our Board Members brings unique perspectives and ways of contributing but I think each of us would also tell you we get back much more than we put in. It takes effort but the opportunity to give back to my city and help men change their lives is something I can’t get enough of. We’re always looking for people interested in learning more, so I’d encourage you to reach out. We’ve. recently developed a new Strategic Plan

and are actively recruiting for additional Board Members to help us implement it. Another way I’ve gotten involved is philanthropically, by donating money to CCH on a regular basis through our Giving Every Month (GEM) program. Nowhere else can you see the direct impact of where your dollars are going than this wonderful place. I couldn’t be more appreciative and prouder of the support we receive from people like you. Whether it be through donations of your time, talents, prayers, or funds, you’ve helped us weather countless storms, including COVID-19. Especially those of you that donate on a recurring basis, THANK YOU.

Nathan Barbo, Board Chair