Ed moved to his apartment last week. He was nervous and excited. Now, a week or so later, he is so happy! He loves it. He has stopped by several times to stay connected and have breakfast, with Gregory, a current resident. As he says, “I’m an alum now!”

Robert, another former resident, came by this week. He stays in touch regularly and
always thanks Jim “for staying on him” while he lived here.

Robert works for a substance abuse treatment program and is also a single father raising a six-year-old daughter.

When asked how things are going, he recounted the challenges all of us know related to the pandemic and now with school back in person trying to balance work and quarantines.

His love for his daughter always comes through. This time he said, “She thinks she’s my mother. I scraped my arm and she went into full caregiver mode. ‘Are you alright? Does it hurt? Now I have to take you to the hospital’.”

Fortunately, he was okay, and she did not have to take him to the hospital.

On Saturday, Bob celebrated 20 years of sobriety. While he credits Earl’s Place, he
continues to do the hard work every day, one day at a time.
All of these men and so many more are an inspiration to those who follow them. Thank you for providing Hope, Help, and Home.
Together we can make life better for more men – and their families. Together, we are changing lives!