Success Stories

William S.

William S.

My greatest success here at Prospect Place has been the overwhelming feeling of security from having a place of my own that I can call home.

A place I don’t have to sneak in and out of. A place where I can close my eyes and feel safe. Somewhere where I have time to have a pleasant dream as I sleep.

For a long time I felt less of a man because I cried on a daily basis because I was tired of living the life that wasn’t mine.

Prospect Place helped me get some of me back. I’m truly thankful and blessed that I was chosen and given another chance.

What more can I want. This home has given me a gift that was truly inspired by God.

Of all the things in life there are to support, you chose to support homeless men.

I thought that we were looked at as a lost cause until I came here. I have food, a furnished apartment, air and heat, a wonderful and well-respected case manager who thinks no less of me or any man who lives here and does all she can whenever we need her.

– William S.