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I think most of us prefer treats over being tricked, so I’ll get straight to the point: You rock

Because of you, Mike has a safe place to live and work on his recovery.

He came to Earl’s Place after completing a six month substance use treatment program (he reports he has been in at least five other programs). He is 35 years old and began abusing substances when he was 15. Prior to entering treatment this time, he was couch surfing, staying in shelters, and on the street.

I’d like to share a little treat with you — a note from Mike.

“Thank you for your generosity!   I can say that  Earl’s Place is a safe, comfortable place with loving people. Earl’s Place is giving me a chance to start over and live the life I always wanted.  It is helping me grow to be a man.” – Mike 

You’ve been such a great supporter of the men who are rebuilding their lives from homelessness and addiction, I wanted to let you know the difference you’ve made.

So far this year, your generosity made it possible for 30 men, including Mike, to find a temporary home at Earl’s Place. But not just a home, but also hope and help.

  • Of those 30 men, 17 are still in Earl’s Place and 10 moved to permanent housing. Three, unfortunately, were unsuccessful.
  • Mike started GED classes this week and plans to take auto mechanic training once he earns his diploma.
  • Mark had two hip replacements and time to recover while at Earl’s Place.  Now he is employed full-time and waiting to sign a lease on an apartment.

We could never thank you enough for the part you played in making all this possible.

Your support has been a huge treat!



Executive Director