Last Thursday, June 11, was Michael’s 80th birthday.  Michael came to Earl’s Place June 24th of last year from an emergency shelter.  He has a son who lives abroad and two granddaughters who he has not seen in a while. We, you and us, are his extended family.   

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We celebrated his birthday with a special dinner, cake, and a drive-by of well wishes from Board members and others.  He was overwhelmed with emotion and so were the rest of us.


Thank you for caring for men who many overlook or ignore.


Thank you for caring for men you may never meet.


Thank you for providing a safe home where we can celebrate joys and concerns. A safe home where the men can be themselves, where they can grow into the people they were meant to be, and a place where they can prepare for life back in the community, positively and productively.

As we look forward to Father’s Day, we celebrate those of you who are fathers and wish you a day filled with family and things you enjoy. 

A family is a circle of friends who love you.  Thank you for being a part of our family.