This morning when I came in the house was buzzing with conversations.  Politics, religion, food…

When I headed to the kitchen, I was asked if Mr. “X” had left and was he coming back?

Unfortunately, I had to say that he chose to leave.

“Why would he choose to leave?  Why wouldn’t he take the help?  It’s cold out there. He could die.”

Then one of the men answered their own question. “He’s not ready and then add in bipolar.  It took me a long time to find the right medication.”

He is right.  Mr. “X” was not ready.  He was not ready to address his mental health. He was not ready to stop using drugs. He was not ready, even though Jim had an intake for a treatment program set up for him.  He was not ready, even though we agreed to hold his bed for the 30 days he would be in treatment.  He was not ready.

We do not have a high relapse rate here at Earl’s Place. But when it happens it affects everyone. It shakes the other residents’ recovery and then strengthens their resolve.  It makes us as staff wonder what else we could have done and work even harder.

Steven writes, This place is a refuge, a safe harbor in my stormy life and I am so grateful for the help I am receiving. This place, Earl’s Place, is a special place and could not be possible without caring people like yourselves. You have honestly touched my life and many others. Thank you.

Steven is right.  You are caring people  You have committed to ongoing donations and we are so grateful. We cannot do this without you!

I have a favor to ask.  We are holding an online campaign; A Bench is NOT a Home.  Would you share this link, https://www.givinggrid.com/CCH-HOME/,  with your friends and family?  It’s like a fun bingo card where each square represents a donation to Earl’s Place with an amount from $1 to $150.   Please consider sharing why you support CCH/Earl’s Place with your circle of friends and family.

Together, we are changing lives.

Thank you and stay safe. Sheila