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Hello there!

This has been a very up and down month.

  • Four men obtained employment!.  Ronald W. (above) is one of them.  Raised by his grandmother and aunt as the only child in the household, Ronald comes from a large family, twenty children in all. Maybe that’s why he is such a gregarious person, always finding a moment for a conversation and seeking out the company of others. He also, now, is finding time for himself, addressing the issues that brought him to Earl’s Place, while still moving forward.
  • One lost his job.
  • One was approved for permanent housing. Now, we are just waiting for the apartment to be readied.
  • Another left the program because at this time his addiction was stronger than his desire to make a change.
  • A former resident passed away unexpectedly. Ronald L. was just 54 years-old and leaves behind a two-year-old and many others who will miss him.  He had a hard demeanor and was quite a challenge, but underneath he was a kind and caring man.  He completed Earl’s Place in March of 2019, but, as with so many, he came by regularly to check in and pick up his mail.  I am going to miss hearing him call me and say, “Hey babe, it’s Ronald.  Do I have any mail?”

Pirkei Avot said, “Keep doing the work, especially when it never ends”.

Homelessness is a complicated problem that due to the pandemic is almost sure to increase.  It’s easy to lose energy and interest; accepting the endlessness of change work, is a radical act. So is committing yourself for the long haul.

Thank you for being radical.

Thank you for being a vital voice for the men we work with.

Thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin.

May the long haul provide all of us with energy and purpose.  Sheila

P.S.  If you know of someone who may be interested in learning about Cornerstone Community Housing, please feel free to share this e-mail.