hope this letter finds you safe and sound during these very unusual and challenging days.

I especially want to Thank You for standing with us as a monthly partner in our work.  Despite the disruptions we are all facing, we’re doing our best to stay focused on what we are called to do – providing hope, help and a home.

Originally, this e-mail was to be a Save-the-Date reminder.  Although I hope that we can gather in person by October, I just don’t know.  So, for now, please mark your calendars for the Opening Doors Dinner – October 8 and I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I am also very disappointed to say that the “This is Where it Happens” thank you brunch is postponed and of course, since the colleges are closed our annual art show with Goucher College is also cancelled.  Lucas and Katharine are seniors and were our student leaders.  Katharine shared the following with us: “In my day-to-day life, I’m using the creative skills I nurtured at Earl’s.  And not just the practices that involve paint, pens, and paper. When I search within myself for the strength to move from despair to action, in the face of so many unknowns, I remembered that this skill was modeled for me at Earl’s Place.” With love and gratitude, Katharine.

Thanks to you, we can be here for some who are among the most vulnerable and for so many others whose lives are changed.