Things aren’t the same this year, but one thing has not changed. Housing provides stability, security, and the opportunity to succeed. The need is just as great if not greater now. While we cannot see you in person, we hope that you will join us in Opening Doors for men experiencing homelessness.

One of the youngest Earl’s Place residents, Frank, recently moved to his own apartment. In his exit interview he said he has been addicted to substances since he was 15 years old. He is 30 now. He came to us with reservations about his ability to remain sober, but he has now been successful for 1 1/2 years. “I was able to live a lifestyle here I was never able to do before – sober and responsible. I learned to control my anxiety and procrastinating.”

When asked how our program could be improved, he replied, “Don’t think there is much you can do. Almost a feeling of love like you would do anything for us. Earl’s Place will always be a major experience in my life that has changed me.” Frank is right, we (and you) will go the extra mile for our residents.


Bid on Auction Items/Donate on line charityauction.bid/OpeningDoors2020 or donate by mail: Cornerstone Community Housing, Inc. 1400 E. Lombard Street Baltimore, MD 21231